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Akashic Records Reading
~ Past Lives ~


The Akashic Records contains the records of all the lifetimes of all the souls who have ever incarnated on this planet. We are here to learn life lessons, and having knowledge of some of our past lives will enable us to better learn our current life lessons.


Usually 3-5 lives are revealed, depending on how many lives your guides feel you are ready to receive. Assimilation will have to do with acceptance, learning the lessons, and not being affected by the past life anymore.


Note, this is a past life reading, not a past life regression. You will not be reliving an event - taken to a place where you could be traumatized or put under stress. I will retrieve the information from your Akashic Record and relay it to you gently.


An Akashic Records reading can be deeply healing to your soul, and to the physical, emotional and mental bodies allowing for transformational shifts to occur.

Available in person or distance via telephone or Skype.

Distance sessions available
Akashic Records Past Life Reading $111

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