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Andrea Johnson MH IAG
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EDINA Energy Medicine
Energy Dynamics for the Integration of Natural Attributes

I am a CertifiedEDINA SYMBOL EDINA Instructor and EDINA Advanced Practitioner. EDINA Energy Medicine is a new energy medicine which works not only with the physical body, but also the auric field. While the EDINA practitioner is working in the three-dimensions, the EDINA energy is working in the outer layers of the auric field/dimensional densities to heal the client, and provide for them a smoother transition during the ascension process. Ascension is a natural attribute as are peace, joy and pristine health - both physical and emotional. At this time, the 12-strand DNA is gradually being reactivated by connecting to the EDINA energies.


EDINA can be used as an "overlay" to any other healing technique one might be practicing, from shamanism to Reiki, Touch for Health to psychotherapy or surgery.  EDINA can also be used as a stand-alone therapy; the energy comes through the practitioner's hands just like Reiki.

EDINA Energy Medicine also assists with Ascension.

Instructed and attuned by Lois J. Wetzel, June 2008


Treat yourself to the powerful and amazing experience of EDINA Energy Medicine today!


For additional information, visit: EDINA Healing Temple


    Energy Healing $88

    Distance Healing sessions available

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