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Andrea Johnson MH IAG
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Angel Readings

I am a Certified Intuitive Angel Guide, having graduated from Kathleen Elmore’s Angel Guide School of Light in February 2008 and Advanced Angel school in 2011.


Your Angels are just waiting to provide guidance and assistance! Angel communications are a way to receive valuable information from your Angels whether it is channeling every day life issues or big life events. With an Angel reading, you can focus on a question or simply be open to receiving the most important information that your Angels would like to convey. When you open to a reading, the Angels take the opportunity to flood you with information.

Angel readings are done using angel cards while incorporating channeled messages from your angelic team. My clients are always pleasantly surprised at the confirmations that they receive from the angels during a reading.


The Angels are happy to help!

All you have to do is ask!

Angel Readings $88
Distance  sessions available

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