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Energy Muse

andmade crystal and gemstone jewelry with healing properties for love, health, prosperity, luck, and empowerment.

Energy Muse jewelry serves as a tool to help you tap into your inner power and manifest your desires.

Click here to visit via my affiliate link: Energy Muse

Vibes Up
Vibrational Products to help you attract more of what you choose into your life. My favorite products include the Vibe bottles and bracelets, Heart Shaped Comfort bracelets, Charging Coasters, and Crystal Cream! Use promotional Affiliate ID 331 via my affiliate link by clicking here: Vibes Up

The Essential Oil Diffusing Bracelet
Essential Oil Bracelets are like a diffuser on the go! The bracelet is made from all silicone so that it will not break down from the essential oils, even citrus ones. You just simply choose one of the five clay diffusing tablets included with your package, add 1-2 drops of any essential oils, allow it to soak in and then place into the pocket designed into the back of the bracelet and place it on your wrist. The heat from your body will diffuse the essential oils. The tablets have five crushed gemstones in them! I love these bracelets, and they also made a pet diffuser which clips to your pet's collar!  Click my affiliate link to visit The Essential Oil Diffusing Bracelet: The Essential Oil Diffusing Bracelet

An online merchant dedicated to making your life easier and making your dōTERRA business less expensive. Quality merchandise and great prices are our company goals: eOilTools

Earth Angel Oils
Earth Angel Oils offers a very large selection of 100% pure Essential Oils including their exclusive Earth Angel Oils Blends, which provide benefits not easily obtained through using individual oils by themselves. Many people enjoy the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of essential oils, and apply them in many ways such as through diffusing, spirtzers/sprays, anointing, massage and water/spa treatments. Click my affiliate link to visit Earth Angel Oils: Earth Angel Oils

Hibiscus Moon
Crystal Healing online classes... Become a Certified Crystal Healer online! Super FUN classes! View the awesome products like Crystal Grids Template Package and the Gem Elixirs Kit by clicking on my affiliate link here: Hibiscus Moon

Original Products
Since 1959, Original Products has been providing top quality spiritual, religious and mystical supplies. With over 10,000 unique spiritual products, they cater to all religions, beliefs and traditions. Their trusted products are manufactured using the same exacting methods and proven formulas developed over the last 50 years assuring complete satisfaction. Click affiliate link:  

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