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Toe Readings


What do your toes have to tell you about your GREATNESS?! Toe reading shares information from your toes to assist you in your life's journey.

Send me a photo of your toes and receive a ten toe written overview of what your toes have to say.

Do you know that each toe is associated with an element?

Big toe = Ether toe also known as the Destiny toe
Second toe = Air toe also known as the Communication toe
Middle toe = Fire toe also known as the "Get it Done" toe
Fourth toe = Water toe also known as the Relationship toe
Baby toe = Earth toe also known as the Abundance and Trust toes

Learn what the size and shape of your toes and toenails mean, as well as any marks or coloring, bumps and bruises... Do you know that freckles on your toes are called "Angel Kisses"?

After submitting payment, send photo of your feet flat to the floor to: I look forward to sharing what your toes have to say about your journey with you!

Instructed and certified by Pamela Cushman, June 2013

Toe Reading $33
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